Dec 5, 2014


I love to explore hidden places and I'm sure there are so many forgotten rooms everywhere around us. Like this old swimmingpool, which you can find downstairs in a pretty normal office building. Over the years less and less people came down for a swim and soon nobody thought of it anymore, it disappeared behind doors and walls.

Old rooms and sometimes whole houses no one is using anymore are so interesting - they can tell so many storys from the past. To discover these places means so much fun to me - sometimes just emptyness and sometimes full with signs from the past - furnitures, pictures on the walls ...

One day I met a guy who told me a story about a friend who climed into an old abandoned hotel standing next to a waterfall in Austria. Because of entrapped moisture it was forced to close down - all the people went out of the building and left behind every single thing which was standing or laying around. It must have been like a time travel for this guy to get into these halls. Anyway - he was able to catch some really nice design-chairs and tables. Back home he refurbished them and was able to sell them for a lot of money. Nice story. :)

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