Dec 20, 2014


We found a box full of keys at my grandfathers place years ago. No idea where they all belong to, but they are all so beautiful. Thinking of the fact that every single one have got a different shape and different skill is totally exciting. Each one belongs to one specific door, perhaps a normal cupboard door, but it's also possible that it can open secret places! I'm sure there are doors which cannot be opend anymore because the fitting keys are lost, maybe I have got one of these keys now :)

Dec 5, 2014


I love to explore hidden places and I'm sure there are so many forgotten rooms everywhere around us. Like this old swimmingpool, which you can find downstairs in a pretty normal office building. Over the years less and less people came down for a swim and soon nobody thought of it anymore, it disappeared behind doors and walls.

Old rooms and sometimes whole houses no one is using anymore are so interesting - they can tell so many storys from the past. To discover these places means so much fun to me - sometimes just emptyness and sometimes full with signs from the past - furnitures, pictures on the walls ...

One day I met a guy who told me a story about a friend who climed into an old abandoned hotel standing next to a waterfall in Austria. Because of entrapped moisture it was forced to close down - all the people went out of the building and left behind every single thing which was standing or laying around. It must have been like a time travel for this guy to get into these halls. Anyway - he was able to catch some really nice design-chairs and tables. Back home he refurbished them and was able to sell them for a lot of money. Nice story. :)

Nov 6, 2014


A few month ago I made a new print. A fern leaf, I love fern!
This time it's not woodcut, but linocut. With this material it's easier to cut out really thin peaces.
You can find and order it in my small etsy shop if you want to :)

Oct 8, 2014


Last weekend we went to the North Sea, it's pretty close to Hamburg and it was a more than beautiful evening. The weather was perfect, a gorgeous sunset, amazing light, sheeps and birds everywhere, no wind at all, the smell of the sea, totally peaceful – and except the many birds which were talking to each other in their own languages it was completly quiet.

On our way back home we needed to stop to watch this smart fog for a while.

Jun 17, 2014


Walking and digging around in the woods and meadows on the weekends is entirely relaxing and inspiring. Ideally you are nearly alone so it´s completly quite besides the sounds of the nature itself. The singing birds, the whispering trees, the rustling grass ... everything is in motion and alive. Coming close to the ground you can discover a beautiful miniature world where to find really nice small things.

May 21, 2014


There are millions of photos we can look at every day, but in our personal point of view only a handful looks really beautiful and interesting. But why do we like a picture?
Is it the story it is telling, or a special mood we can see in it? An interesting composition or perspective? Its colour we love or does it bring back memories?

Each one of us has its own liking and so do I.
As a matter of fact I often got my difficulties to justify why I like something ...

Apr 24, 2014


Small things you can find everywhere and I love them, although I don´t really need them.

Apr 10, 2014


 I´m starting with a scribble on paper. After that I need to mirror the scetch on the wooden plate and then I can start to cut out the peaces. If I want to print different colours I´ll need different wooden plates, one for each colour. Then I can print layer after layer.

I´m totally happy because I had have the chance to collaborate a second time with Fine Little Day :) Two new Posters from me : Marta´s Summer and Marta´s Clover, are now available in Fine Little Days shop.

Mar 12, 2014


With a seat next to the window – I love taking the train! You don´t need to drive on your own, you have got a perfect view out of the window - without annoying cars next to you. It´s perfect for listening to nice music and thinking about everything and nothing. When the train crosses really beautiful landscapes I wish I could stop the whole train and go out for a long walk.