Jan 30, 2014



up or down, left or right, frontal or from behind, order or disorder, simple or complex ...

Jan 24, 2014


One night when I was a child and on my way back home, I thought about the jokes we made minutes before at a friends place. Suddenly there was a blinking blue light in the distance, driving silently and fast up the next hill.
In this moment I realised that there are happening many many things at the same time. I felt happy because I had have a nice day, while someone else struggled for life ... while I took these photos somewhere in the world babies were born, a bird lost a feather, someone climed a hill and rain was falling, I´m sure.
Simultaneity is always everywhere.

Jan 14, 2014


... summer is over and autumn starts to colour the green trees. 
Unexpectedly – before you are able to appreciate the foliate of the trees – winter knocks on your door and the last leaves are gone.

Jan 7, 2014



All beginnings are difficult – is a well-known phrase, although we are managing so many beginnings in our normal course of life. Every morning we need to stop sleeping and to start being awake. We start the shower, we start to drink our coffee, we start to go to work, we start our way back home, we start a cosy evening and then we start to fell asleep again and suddenly we need to beginn the next day. A start can be a start of something new – That is what I´m going to do today – launching my blog "around".

There are also spatial starts of things and sometimes it´s hard to say where to find this beginnning. Where does the horizon begin? Is there one exact point where the fog starts?