May 22, 2015


I grew up in a small village in the middle of Germany and every time I visit my parents it's fascinating how many stars you can see (at the stroke of midnight the village turns out every 2nd street light - so it is pretty dark). The night sky in the city is so different with all its light pollution it's hard to see the few really bright stars on the red sky. But back on the country side - in the summertimes, when the Perseids pass by (the days around the 12th of August) it's so great to lay down on the green roof of my parents house - with a sleeping bag and a big pillow - counting the falling stars!

May 4, 2015


Finally it's spring!
I went to the park on this sunny day and everything around me seemed to be so alive. The trees are getting green and there are birds everywhere trying to collect moss and sticks for their nests. While sitting there I was able to follow the "long-tailed tit" and the also pretty small and so so cute "wren". I could sit there forever - just looking around.