Feb 21, 2014


"Silent lifes" is a series of analog black and white photos, I took a few years ago. With strange and totally different objects I created arrangements at unusual places. After that I was standing in the darkroom for hours to develop the photos by myself. Some of them I coloured by hand afterwards – have a look here.

Feb 10, 2014



A few weeks ago Fine Little Day from Gothenburg released our "Eye Eye-poster". I am so incredibly happy that they chose my woodcut-artwork for this collaboration! You can find a short blog entry about me here :) and of course you can buy the poster in Fine Little Days online-shop.

Feb 7, 2014



tree trunks. leaves. needles. moss. plants. roots. branches. mushrooms. green. brown. dark. soft. wet. brown. silent. rustling. gurgle. chirp. alive. animals. burrows. underground. hiding-places. wild paths. disorder. mystic. fabulous ...